The weather has been terrible here all day.  Rainy, windy and Rainy!!  LOL  The road in to our house is a river!  The bloodhound that is deathly afraid of thunder and lightening is handling it all pretty well, by snoring on the couch!  Its a rough life, LOL!!  Looks like it is going to be a cold and wet weekend, so I have planned to spend it in my studio fondling fiber, whether it be weaving, sewing, embroider machine, sock machine, or knitting I am looking forward to it.



WOW, I have not been here since March!! Lots of catching up to do…. well not really but here goes……
Sold a piece of property in April, used the proceeds to pay off some bills, buy a Harley Davidson Motorcycle, an Erl Gearhart Circular Sock Knitting Machine and managed to save a couple of bucks. Put on over 8000 miles on the Harley, lots of fun trips!! Made a couple pairs of socks. Brian bought me an early Christmas present a used Husqvarna Viking Designer SE. This is an embroidery machine…..I simply love it and am looking for projects to make. So far I have made Brian some Shrine and Mason shirts and a couple of little trinket bags. I am hoping to make a couple of bucks with the machine to pay for the machine! I have done very little knitting but the little knitting I have done was to finally finish the ear flap hat I started for my dad.

As for the farm, we managed to sell all the goats and now I have a handful of chickens and a couple of turkeys.

Off to be productive……

Bub-bye snow!

We have been having some awesome temps lately, helping ol man winter go away.  Will he stay gone, I hope so but am doubting it.  It has been in the 50’s and they say it is going to be in the mid to upper 60’s today!  They are also saying this is going to be the worse allergy season ever, not looking forward to that!! 

Not much weaving going on for the last couple of evenings, but am looking forward to getting some done this evening and hopefully tomorrow. I have most of my second towel done, and there is enough warp on the loom for at least two more.  I am already thinking in the back of my head, what might I want to weave next but am not really coming up with any ideas that are just jumping up and down saying “Me, me, me”  so that decision is yet to be made.



Had a wonderful day yesterday spent it at Hot Plate a paint your own ceramics place in town with my daughter…we  each created a wonderful masterpiece….they are being fired this week and we can pick them up next Saturday!!  Then it was off to the see Annie, Jr perfomed by the Youth Theater…It was great.  So many talented young people!! 

Annie said “the sun will come out tomorrow” and she was right!  Today is a beautiful bright sunny day with temps near 50.  I am getting some weaving done, and it feels great to do that.  Back to the loom………






Seriously?  Was 40 again yesterday and today we have 29, high winds and a winter storm advisory!!!  Oh and then 40 again tomorrow and 50’s all next week!

Can we get two feet of snow in two days and then have it be nearly 40!  Looks like it is going to be in the 40’s for the next week or so.  Perfectly fine with me!! 

Spent some time weaving last night and wove another 6 inches on the towels.  No sure I will get to weave any tonight….I have a hat to finish knitting and I should probably work on that after dinner. 

Here is a photos of ice as it tempts fate…..

Great day!

Had a wonderful day toady!  Spent time shoveling and cleaning up from the last two days worth of snow.  Went to Escanaba with the hubby and daughter, always look forward to hitting up Goodwill for some awesome deals.  Jess found three formals for 7 bucks and under…how can you beat that!!  Then on to Chinese for dinner and ended the night with an hour in the studio and weaving another 6 inches on my “snowflake” towels.  I hope to have them done by the end of the month so I can display them at a local restaurant with our guild display.

for now….good night!