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Who shut off the heat?

And what is all this white shit stuff?  Only in the UP can it be pushing 40 one day and -2, and snowing and blowing the next.  No schools today.  I don’t thinke there was a school in the entire UP that was open today.  I have spent the day on the computer working on the move, and looking up some info on organic farming.  Now dinner time then knitting time!


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Honey I’m Home….

I have made the move.  I think I am going to like wordpress better than blogger.  I still have some stuff to unpack but I will now be posting here.  I only ran into a few issues, but nothing I couldn’t handle.  Like I said I am still unpacking, so there will be some changes.  Hopefully I will be unpacked early next week!

Happy knitting!

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Hot Cocoa Question Week 4

I don’t vacation much, but my best vacation was about 4 years ago. Brian and I went to Chicago. Two ducks out of water. You have to know us to appreciate that statement. Two Yoopers in the big city, neither of us has been to a big city. We didn’t take a map, mistake #1. Traveling 80+ on the interstate, there is a fork in the road, Brian asks me “which way do I go?” and I replied abruptly “I don’t’ f*&^ing know, go left!” We pull into Chicago at just after 5 on a Friday, what were we thinking, drive around and around the block dodging people, and taxi’s to find the motel. We ended back up on the freaking freeway on the opposite side of our exit which was not but a block away, so holding on and thanking god we got rental insurance on the car, we zoom across the six lanes of traffic. We get to the motel, but where in the he** is the parking lot, every motel has a parking lot right? NO, not in Chicago, so we pull into an alley. Not a bright idea as there is a vehicle parked in front of us, trying to get out and one pulls in behind us. Brian goes into the motel and hands the keys to the parking attendant, what are they called again? He parks the car, and we don’t see it again until we leave on Sunday. But hey, we paid $30 a day to NOT see the car; we don’t even know where he parked it!! We thought we would walk around and see the city, we have our GPS, but the buildings block out the signal, so how will we know where the motel is, well it is right next to Starbucks, we can remember that…. well let me be the one to tell you there is a Starbucks on about every block!!! We are also next to a tall building. Oh ya, they are ALL tall buildings. Rest assured we remembered we were a block away from the Berghoff (bar, restaurant). We went on the Sears Tower, Navy Pier, passed on making donations for the poor, even though it was tax deductible. I could go on an on but I will stop there….I think you get the point!! Two ducks out of water, yup that was us.

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Ever wish…..

that something you want would just show up in the mail. You know what I am talking about, that little something that you REALLY wish you had, but are to cheap to buy for yourself. That is what I am talking about. I know it probably sounds sill but, you know just how it is.

That little item I am refering to is that cow, pig, chicken, sheep (whatever farm animal) kitchen timer. I was sent a link to a couple and they are really cute, and I would like one, I really really need one (ask my rising bread), but I just can’t bring myself to spend $10 (ya I know $10 piddly bucks) on one. I guess I should just add it to my “wish list”!!!

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Hat Attack!!

Ok, so you have heard of the great Sock Wars, right? Well have you heard of Hat Attack? It is just like sock wars only your weapon is a HAT, that is right a hat. You may join the HAT ATTACK by clicking here and following the directions. There is also a group on Ravelry. Come on get in on the fun…join HAT ATTACK!

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Busy Morning…

It was before 8:30 a.m. that I had the kids off to school, hubby off to work, dishes done, meatballs for pot luck tonight cooking, bread rising, dogs fed, watered and put to bed, woodstove attended to, cats fed. It has been a busy morning, hopefully I can be this productive for the rest of the day….but lets not hold our breath ok?

Everytime I make bread it reminds me that I need to get kitchen timer…. do you think they make sheep, llama, chicken, goat, pig motif ones?

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Hot cocoa Swap Question #3

What is the most ‘random’ memory you have from your childhood?

Well let see there was the time I was blown off the porch and into the garbage bags, at about the age of 3. Or the time, that mom took me to get my vaccinations and I kicked and screamed so she being the sweet kind mother she is, picked me up to comfort me, and the nurse or Dr, yanked my drawers down and gave me the shot in the butt. OUCH!!! I layed down in the back seat of the car all the way home, just sobbing. (on my belly of course)Or wait, maybe it is the memory of my pet bunny “thumper” being accidently stepped on by my mom, while he was playing in the house, or no wait maybe it was when I was hit by a car while riding my bike, no it has to be miss-spelling the word NeceSSary at the spelling bee….oh I give up….to many to list!!!

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