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Whew!  This has been a  crazy summer.  Very busy, but things are starting to slow down a bit.  Brian has finally completed his Bachelors Degree and has graduated with honors!!  Way to go!!  It is nice to have that done and over with.  A four year degree in a year and a half, that should shed some light on how nuts things have been. Now include a move, cutting hay, and getting a barn and milk house ready for a “grade A” inspection.  Concrete tomorrow and then a few touch up things and we should be milking.  I know I am more than ready.  I have been going to the partner farm and milking every morning for about a month now I guess.

It is nice that things are starting to settle down, that leaves me with some fiber time.  I have joined a dyed sock blank swap and I just finished dying that and I have finally washed and blocked the sweater I spun the yarn for and knit for Brian!  It is drying nicely and now to find an occassion for him to wear it.  We wanted to have a “done with classes” celebration but I was sick so that is post-poned until I am off antibiotics.  This cold is kicking my ass butt!

I am still working on knitting the felted clogs, I am almost done with the first pair….I know it has been forever but “Hey, I’m a busy woman!”  

We had a couple of inches of snow on the ground a couple of days ago and today it is in the upper 40’s, its nice out but boy is it windy.

Well I should go polish the stainless steel in the milk house for the inspector!!!

Until next time…….(which hopefully won’t be so long)


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