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Good Morning

The rabbit stew yesterday was delicious, had a great day with our friends….my how time flies. Spent a little time weaving and I managed to finish up a rag rug, then knit for most of the rest of the day. Played on the computer a bit and learned that some people just have WAY to much time on their hands.

Today is my daughters birthday, she is 14 where does the time go? Seems like just yesterday I was changing her diapers. LOL Not sure what today is going to bring, I know I need to head to town for a bit and then probably knit and weave…..nothing to stressful!!


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Friends over

Today we are having some from Marquette come over.  Brian and John will play amateur radio and Renee and I will knit or do something fun like that.  We are making rabbit stew for dinner….Yummy…..

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I am going to try to do better at updating this blog….so much to do so little time.  🙂

I have put a downpayment on a “new” used loom.  It is a Toika Eeva 60 inch weaving width, good for both rugs and fabrics.  Iam very excited!!  This means I will be able to make those area rugs I have been wanting to do for years!!!   (doing the happy dance)  So this means that I have my two rug looms and my Schacht Mighty Wolf for sale. 

I have not been on the sock machine much lately but that is on the “to do” list as I want to use of some of my yarn stash to get things cleaned up in my new room.  I have been doing some hand knitting, I will post photos a bit later.

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