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Only a Memory…..

It was one week ago today we had to put our dog to sleep.  Sampson, suffered from seizures for the past 2 years, he was on meds and they really didn’t seem to help.  Monday, August 4th we found him having a seizure and he was not coming out.  After about an hour, we got him loaded into the van and made an emergency trip to the vet.  He has a temp of 108, and he was put on ice and sprayed with cool water after being injected with Valium and put on an IV drip.  It took a long hour and a half to get him cooled to 103, he stayed the night.  When the  drugs wore off he would begin (continue) to have seizures, we had to make the decision.  Sampson, was my husbands baby and he was quite upset.  Sampson is now resting peacefully in our front yard awaiting his memorial.  Althought I commonly referred to him as “stupid fucking dog“, I will miss him.  He definately had his moments and I would like to share a few of those with you……….



January 6, 2001 — August 5, 2008


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I am back!!!

Thought I better post an up date before I was forgotten about.  I am still very busy getting things ready for milking and Brian is plunking his way through school. Only 12 weeks to go, but who’s counting.  It will be a large relief of both of us when he is done.  We are needing to paint the barn but that is no easy feat as it is a BIG barn and it needs to be painted white. White paint does not cover very well!!! 

No Calfs yet, but there was a coyote watching over the heard the other day when we checked on them, so now we have to check a couple of time a day.  Our yearlings are growing nicely.  Baby llama’s to arrive around the 22nd, still considering selling them all…..anyone interested?  LOL 

Garden was put in late, but it is doing great, I need to mix up another batch of “poop soup” to pour on it as they seemed to really like it.  Beans are ready to flower,  spaghetti squash has babies as well as the yellow and zucchini (how do you spell that anyway?).  Cukes are really being slow, I don’t know If I will get any, but the tomatoes are doing well.  I see a greenhouse in my future……   🙂

The kids are enrolled in school, and I don’t think they are minding so much anymore.  Jessica has two of her friends over from Ishpeming and we went to the Alger County Fair yesterday, they are having a good time.  While we were at the fair, a friend asked us to be on the Fair board so of course we said, Yes.  So that is going to be the new adventure for us.  I am sure we can contribute something to the fair. 

There was a little lucheon held by a friend of mine for new gals in the area to get to know each other, it was a good time and I met some really nice people.  Although I prefer to stay home, getting out once in a while is nice.  We are organizing a “fiber” group for the area gals as wer discovered at the luncheon there are alot of us in this small area.  It is always nice to have a group of gals with common interestes to get together and knit, spin, whatever they feel like doing.  We are going to have a dye day here at my house one day this fall.  It will be a new experience for these ladies. 

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