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I have decided to knit my daughter, who hates camo, a camo colored shawl to wear for the wedding. I didn’t want to make her wear Realtree or Mossy Oak camo if she does not like it….what a nice mom hey!!

It is a tie wrap shawl…..here are a few in progress photos:


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with the release of the new Harry Potter book, I just had to find out which house I belonged to….seems it is Ravenclaw!! Better than Slytherin.

Want to Get Sorted?

I’m a Ravenclaw!

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A better day..

Well yesterday was a better day and I am starting to calm down a little bit. First of all — all of the financing for the store has fallen through because of one stupid thing or another. And they were all stupid. I won’t even go down that path, except I am packing up and moving back into the cabin I started in. It will be ok. I also was able to get out of my lease so that was a big relief for me!! And I talked to my attorney….that eased my mind a bit to. Then I don’t have a wedding band for Brian and the clock is ticking…..so had a friend that won a $500 gift certificate from a local jewlery store and he lived in lower Michigan. I called and asked if I could buy the cert from him on a time payment plan and he said “Take It, I am not worried about it” So now I get to go shopping!!!

I am a firm believer in things happen for a reason…..I just don’t know what the reason is right now!!

I am going to finish up the bag from the felted bag exchange today and get it in the mail before the end of the week. I apologize to my spoilee for being so slow, but hopefully when she reads my blog she will understand. I have joined the Dog Days of Summer Dish Rag Swap, but you can knit those up in an evening, and I am in the Hand dyed yarn (sock yarn) swap and the Stitch Marker Swap…I have never made markers before but I have always wanted to so this is a good excuse to get moving.

Have a great day!!

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Here we go AGAIN……

Well the EX is at it again!!! He told me yesterday that the kids want to live with him and wanted to talk about it. He gave me full custody of the kids two years ago with out going to court, no fight, he signed the papers in my attorney’s office. Now he says that he can provide better for them and give them better living conditions. Sure he makes in excess of $70,000 versus our $40,000 and yes he has a nicer house, and its not a mobile home. My kids never go with out food, etc they have a roof over their head and I take them to whatever sporting, or after school thing they want. I can’t buy them toys like four wheelers etc cause I don’t have the money. Yes our water and sewer were frozen for a couple of months last winter but they never went dirty, we went to the school to shower, or to the future inlaws….we hauled water for dishes, cooking and drinking in from the barn. We have an out house on the property from the old camp, we used that. We don’t have a landline phone, but the kids have a cell phone…..I am just a wreck……I have had my kids from day one and have always been there. My son who is 14 has missed about 15 days of school since he started and that is because his appendix ruptured, and my daughter who is starting 6th grade, had missed 4 days ……..

Sorry I had to vent…..like I said I am a wreck!!!

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Hand Dyes Yarn Swap

I have taken on another swap!! This one is a Hand Dyed Yarn Swap — Sock Yarn. I can’t wait to play with they dyes again. Please check out the blog and join us.

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Socks finally did it…she made me a very proud LLAMA MAMA!!! She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy at 10 pm on July 9th. He is just adoreable as you can see. Brian wants to name him Potter as in Harry Potter because is is quite hairy and my daughter wants to name him Woody…because when we were watching him last night as he was trying to stand he was trying to nurse on the wood walls in the stall…it was quite funny.

Socks Baby take 2 07-09-07

Socks Baby 7-9-07

Baby Boy Socks 7-9-07

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Rules for choosing a suitable houseperson who can live with a

1. On your first date, pull out your knitting at the most romantic moment
during dinner at a nice restaurant. Does he/she flinch, even slightly?

2. Invite him/her to your house for dinner. Does he/she seem annoyed when
have to clear the yarn off the dining room table to make room for the paper
plates you use so dishwashing doesn’t eat into your knitting time?

3. Take him/her to your favorite LYS. (Local Yarn Store) Does he/she shift
from one foot to
another, keep checking the time, or offer to wait in the car instead of
fondling the yarn, suggesting nice colors, or offering to pay the bill?

4. Does he/she buy you dumb gifts like flowers, candy, or a store
bought scarf instead of a gift certificate to a yarn shop?

5. On vacations, does he/she hide the Yellow Pages to prevent you from
looking up yarn shops in the vicinity?

6. Does he/she make snide references to grandmas who knit, your cute little
hobby, or your “crocheting”?

7. Do you notice a sharp intake of breath when you show him/her your stash?

8. Are there signs of protest when you turn down a trip to Hawaii because
Stitches (or any other Fiber Seminar or Gathering) is held that week?

9. Does he/she expect that housekeeping, cooking, washing the car, or
the dog will take priority over your knitting?

10. Does he/she rattle on about nothing knowing full well you are counting
concentrating and can’t be bothered?

If the answer to 3 or more of these questions is yes, the person you are
considering is unsuitable and probably cannot be trained. Next!

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