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I certainly hope that this morning is not an indication as to what the rest of my day is going to be like.  Alarm goes off, get kids up for school, get them out to the bus stop and on the bus, all is good.   We have had a good amount of snowfall this winter and well it has been melting and well there is a spot or two or three in the driveway were it collects and makes a new series of Great Lakes.  Well there is this one particular spot that started eary and is “over the shoes” deep.  Well I took the van out to the bus stop, thinking every thing would be frozen as it was only about 10 degrees.  I found out on the way out to the bus, that this particular Great Lake was not frozen, so on my way back I tried to hug the snowbank so I didn’t turn my van into a maroon submarie, and well you guessed it, the snowbank sucked me in.  Just like that.  Now I am stuck!!!  Can’t get out oneside because, duh, I am in the snowbank, and guess what is on the other side!!!  YUP, the “over the shoes” deep Great Lake!!!  Now, I know Brian is home in bed, sleeping nicely, so I have no choice but to open the door and submerge myself in the lake and walk to the house.  My shoes are waterproof but when its over the top of them, that does not help.  At least I had my coffee!!!

Now for knitting….

 I bought a 40 inche circular needle and the 2-at-a-time sock book, thinking this would be the cure for my”SSS” (second sock syndrome) but….I think if I want to do two socks at a time, I should just start them on two sets of dpn’s.  I just dont’ think this one circular method is for me.  Its cumbersome until you get into the socks a little bit, but I don’t like, the twisint knotting yarn, and having to constantly untangle my web, and most importantly I don’t like the laddering that is occuring where the needle splits the stitches.  I know knit them tighter, but I  can only knit so tight!!  Then I traded roving for 16 skeins of KnitPicks Swish in a color called “storm” it is a dk weight.  I love the yarn, the color is great but it isn’t the same yarn that was used in the pattern for the Central Park Hoodie that I want to make with it.  So I have been knititng swatches, and now have to diligently work on trying to convert the pattern to fit my guage.  Ugh…the joys of knitting.


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Yearning for spring…..

I have had enough of the snow, however it looks like more is on its way.  I just wish it would warm up so it would melt, I have garden fever!

I bought a couple of roots to plant recently because there never seems to be any left when I am ready to get them. So I thought I would get and early start.  I bought two pink bleeding heart roots and planted them I would guess two weeks ago….one is doing great and the other will its not doing anything, but I am not losing hope.  So of course I had to go buy more, I bought two white ones, and they are just starting.  I have 4 rhubarb roots trying to grow and some other bulbs.  These are all in a rack in front of my window in my living room.  Not to mention the hundreds of tomato seeds, hollyhocks, lupines, petunias, marigolds, and beebalm.  Those are amongst my christmas cactus and violet leafs I am propagating.  I just love gardening, couldn’t you tell!!

Any way the sun is out and it is suppose to be 40 today so it will help all those little plants grow AND melt some of the snow!!  Oh, happy day !! 😉

Here is my pink bleeding heart………..

I bought a 40 inche circular and the 2-at-a-time sock book, so maybe tomorrow I can give it a whirl.  I have read the directions and it doesn’t seem to be to difficult but we will see.

 Have a great day!!

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A day late…

but its the thought that counts, right?


My daughter had a  great time Friday night decorating eggs….she is quite the little artist. 

And here is her inspiring artwork……….

Hope the bunny was good to each and everyone of you!!

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There my friends is a perfect example of why I am not on American Idol.  I couldn’t sing to save my life, if it depended on it.  However, like it says “here comes the sun” It is nice to see the sunshine.  It was a bright beautiful day yesterday and Josh, (my son) and I worked a bit on cleaning up my studio so hopefully someday I can set the looms up again and do some weaving.  I was in a get rid of shit stuff mood so needles to sat I filled a couple of garbage bags! 

Remember a few days ago when I planted tomato seeds, well they showed up yesterday, at least some of them did.  I have another violet having babies, and the kids planted a couple of rhubarb roots that I bought yesterday.  I have a bleeding heart that is flowering in my window, it is so nice to see green!!  I love my garden, and can’t wait for the snow to melt, the ground to warm up so I can plant and play in the dirt.  I do a lot of my own canning, tomato, beans, cabbage etc.  I think I will be doing more of it this year with the way prices are, it is ridiculous.  Layinghens, are definitely in order as I paid $5 for two dozen eggs yesterday at the store.  (That was the “cheap” store!!)

Brian started a new term at school and is taking 36, yes he is nuts, credits this time.  Terms last 10 weeks, so I won’t be seeing much of him during that time.  He has to finish his degree during a certain time frame in order to keep his current job.  He has been working in this field for going on 16 years and was promoted but experience is not enough, he needs a bachelors degree.  This little piece of paper will cost about $58,000 but will mean a $20/hour raise.  You do the math…….  so that is my reason to drink today!  What is yours? Don’t have one, here is an idea………….

March 21, 2008
Rock to Bach with a bock! Today’s the birthday of Johann Sebastian Bach.

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F if for Sweater?

Yes, because it is FINISHED FINALLY!!! (well I have to kitchner the arm pits, but need guidance!) And then blocking, but I am Finished knitting it and it Fits!!!  I had Brian try it on last night and I put it back on the needles and just finished the sewn cast off on the collar.  I had never done that cast off before but it was fun, easy and looks great!!!  I told him I need to sew in a “Made with love by” label in it now.  I wish I knew how many actuall spinning and then knitting hours I have into it but I didn’t keep a record.  I started spinning the 50/50 llama/wool yarn in 2005, I began the knitting in November of 2006 and just finished it today.  The fibers are off of my animals, so this is me all me!! I am not sure I like the white arm band, but that is how the fibers came out and so it remains!

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Happy Green Day!


Well it looks like we are going to get a little snow for our St. Patricks day storm, doesn’t look like its going to be much more than a couple of inches.  I hope they are right for once!

 I have been working on the sweater, and am down to shaping the back of the neck and making the crew neck collar.  I will be happy when it is finished, as it will be a real accomplishment for me.  I am just thinking what the heck will I knit mindlessly on next.  I am sure I will find something like a sweater for me, but that means I need to spin the yarn (or buy it, that sounds much easier)!  I also want to try magic loop knitting for my socks so I might dabble in that.  I like knitting socks, but by the time I get to the second one, I am sick of that color or knitting socks!! 

 Check out these cute little tissue sweaters that Rhonda is making. 

I stole this photo from…kmkat.typepad.com!  These are so cute and practical…I have some scraps I  think I might try to whip up one today….while I think about that collar some more!

Oh and here is today’s reason to drink!

March 17, 2008
It’s St. Patrick’s Day.
What are you doing reading this blog?
Run, don’t walk, to your nearest pub!
No GREEN beer for me!! Thank you!!

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Great Day!

Today was a GREAT Day!!  The sun was out the weatehr was nice.  I got a new kitchen stove! Yes, thats right a NEW kitchen stove.  Nothing special, no fancy frills, no bells or whistles (so I still need that sheep, cow or chicken timer), just the basics, 4 burners, oven and broiler….gets the job  done.  Thats all I care about!!  Also bought 50 pounds of bread flour, that will last a month, at $33 I wonder how many loafs of bread I will be able to bake.  Lets see bread is almost $3 a loaf for that nasty full of preservative store bought crap, so I am thinking I am well ahead of the game making my own, as I will get many more than 11 loaves of bread!!!  I don’t think I could eat store bought bread again.  I also make the dog biscuits out of it so, at $5 a week in dog biscuits I know I am well ahead of the game!!!  Can you guess what I will be doing tomorrow?  YUP, baking bread and dog treats!!

I also noticed that I have new “baby” leaves growing on the African violets I am propagating.  I am so excited. I didnt’ think these ones were going to grow as I have been trying since oh about October.  I have one that is doing well, but two are just sprouting leaves.  I started some lupin seeds and hollyhock seeds a couple of weeks ago and they are doing great.  Started some bee balm, petunia and marigold on wednesday.  The marigolds are about an inch high already and the others are just sprouting.  I have two pink bleeding hearts in pots and one is doing great and the other is doing nothing.  I just put in seeds for 144 tomato plants and have more to go (another project for tomorrow), along with a white bleeding heart.   I love gardening and playing in the dirt! 

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