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MOOO-ve over

We now have 29 calfs on board!!(I will post photos another day)  A barn that is ready for pressure washing and paint, then the bulk tank and pipeline installation and then the inspection.  We are almost there!!! 

However with all that has been going on, I have decided to sell the majority of my fiber animals.  I am going to keep a handful of them, but the alpaca’s are for sale so you if you anyone that wants a good deal, let me know.

I have not been doing any knitting, but I will be one day soon.  I also want to get my loom set up so I can make some rugs for the beautiful hardwood floors we now have.  But for now…..its back to the barn.



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Bath time?

I was filling the animal water tub today with some nice fresh clean cool water and apparently the two alpacas decided it was bath time.  So much for clean and fresh, except for maybe the Alpacas!! For some reason they move quickly when they spot me and the camera!!!



Wasn’t me that made that mess in the water trough.

And then there is the goat that is curious about the camera and says “You can’t hide from me!”

MMMMM can I just taste it?

Animals are so much fun!!!



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