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Just what I needed………

I joined a sock club.  Stop by Robyn’s Nest and join the sock club.  Beautiful  Yarn and great patterns.  I just got my first kit, wonderful colorway of pinks and reds for February.  I can’t wait to see what March’s looks like, I can only bet it will be greens!!!  I will post photos later.


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Happy Leap Day!

I thought I would stop in and wish everyone a Happy Leap Day!!! I only get the opportunity to do so once every 4 years, so I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity.  Have you wished some one a Happy Leap Day today?

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Stitch markers

I am hosting the Spring Stitchmarker Exchange and invite you all to stop by and sign up.   I have been in many exchanges for stitch markers and thought ok you have enough, what will you ever do with all those markers.  Until I knit the hat for the hat attack, I used 17 stitch markers so not I am a firm believer in you can never have to many!!  Hope to see some of you there!

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Oh to be 29 AGAIN!!!!   LOL!!

I have had a great day!!  (and I needed one!!)

I awoke to a smart ass birthday card from the dearest hubby and two hand made cards from the kids.  They were great!!!  Then Jessica got a cooking lesson from Brian and they made me french toast for breakfast.  When Josh was finished assisting with the youth wrestling tournament, we went bowling and yes, the kids kicked my ass!! and then Brian and Josh made Cheesy Beer Soup and grilled (yes, you read that right “grilled” hey it was 40 today) burgers.  They were awesome too!

A few things that happed on the year of my birth……

the first email was sent from Stanford University

Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon

Seasame Street made is TV Debut

and your gonna love this…………

Valium became the most prescribed drug in America!!!

Yes, folks the year was 1969!!!

My son read the card that my loving parents sent to me (quoted above) and said “I didn’t know Seasame Street was THAT old.  Always makes me feel great when I take the kids to the antique stores and they marvel over the “the Fonz” and “Dukes of Hazzard” metal lunch boxes.  I always have to tell them, “Hey had one exactly like that”, or when they are studying the classics in music class….ya know things from the 80’s like abba!! 

Good greif, am I really that old???

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Whoo hoooo!!!

My mail lady came into the driveway honking her horn…I thought oh no I am dead! (thought it was my hat from Hat Attack) Howeve, I am still very much alive!!  It was my swap package from the Hot Cocoa swap.  Thanks Anne!!  I love the contents of the package and its perfectly ok, that the llama didn’t work out because “love” is just what I needed!  My birthday is Sunday so this was PERFECT timing!!  Here is a photo of the contents of my wonderful package.  Knitting magazine, which I hope to get a chance to read over the weekend, some very cool stitch markers, and a keychain and zipper pull.  A cow that just screams squeeze me and when you do he goes “MOOOOO”! Its great, but not as cool as the stressball piggy  thing!!  The stone coasters will be put to very good use as will the magnetic “list for the yarn fairy” pad.  The cutest Ty beanie “baaaaby” lamb (that is its name)!!!  So so so cute!  The alpaca/silk and alpaca//wool yarn will make me some very comfy cozy socks!!

Thank you very much Anne, it was fun and like I said it was great to receive so close to my birthday!


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D is for ……

Dang….is it cold.  Sorry folks no photo for this one.  It was -27 F this morning when I took the kids to the bus stop!!!!  Needless to say,  I am staying in as much as I possible can today.  BRRR!!

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C is for ……

Computer!!!  That is what I spent the one  tax refund on.  Say hello to my new laptop and good bye to the old desk top PC the size of a t-rex!!


Now if I can get the bugs out of Vista,  all will be swell.

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