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Our storm hit, but didn’t drop much snow. I thought “what a great day to get some knitting done” but… our electricity was out for 4 hours this morning and that meant no heat! So I fired up the oven and baked bread!! YUMMY!!!

Then I baked the dogs some cookies………

Now I am very tired and don’t feel like knitting….It is bitter cold outside -1 degree F to be exact. The furnace blower is running what seems to be nonstop…with the cost of heating fuels, I am glad we have an outdoor wood boiler!!!


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A great new find……

I finally took a few minutes out of my schedule to play on Ravelry What a great place! Its well worth the waiting list. I have found several groups on there that are great and one is a “yooper fiber arts” group, naturally I join it!!! They are trying to get a fiber group together once a week at the local library….how great would that be! I am looking forward to attending on week, I am sure I will have a lot I can offer such a group.

I am so excited!!!

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Considering a move ……

I am considering moving my blog to wordpress…I have seen some blogs that have moved and i like the way they look and work. I am doing some more research, and if I move I will I will keep this one as a back up and will post a link here to the new site.

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Here are my two new fiber children…..they are ALPACAS!!!!!

Rosie (Senor Rasado) is a gelded male and is just loveable. How can you not love a face like that!!

And Springsteen AKA Boss. Boss is an intact male, so now I can breed my girls here. (do you think they will act like tramps in front of their Mom?)

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We all know I take my female llama’s and their cria to the county and UP state fair each year, and they are hosted by the Alpaca’s and their family. They then go to the Alpacas Ranch for a little nooky. My girls are turning in to tramps!!! They took their time to decided if they realy wanted to be bred, but when they made the decision to do so they made it a mother daughter event, side by side!!! and well when the newest baby, woody, saw what the boy was doing to his mom, he said enough is enough and stated jumping on moms back to get the male off of her. Someone got up and the girls swapped partners!!! I don’t know what they saw at the fair but….my oh my!!! We had them both preg-toned (ultrasound for llama’s) and they are both knocked up. I am gonna be a grandllamamama around August 22, 2008!!!

Here is a photo of the happy family….from left to right…back row Estile, Socks (these are my two tramps) front row..Porter and Woody. Getting a family photo was not easy…..you get a llama to pose!!!

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Kid Debate….

Yesterday was our mediation appointment for the custody of the kids. Mediation was court ordered and frankly I preferred it over the judge, a stanger that knows nothing about our family, making a decision about my children. Anyway….the kids, the ex, Brian and I had a meeting with moderators and came to an agreement that the children would live with me during the school year and spend 3 weekend a month at their dads and then they will spend the summer with him and then 3 weekends a month with me. We also decided to have family meetings every other month so that we make sure EVERYONE is on the same plane. So I think this will work better for everyone. At least I hope so….I don’t want to do this again.

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It is here……

Winter that is!!! This is what I woke up to this morning….about 10 inches of white sh*t!!! It is wet and heavy as it was mixed with rain. The electricity keeps going off and on. No schools in the area today, all are cancelled.

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