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Chan’s Contest

Hey folks these are my answers to Chan’s questions for the contest on the Felted Bag Exchange Blog

So, what gives you hope?

What gives me hope are the children of the world. The ones you see doing deeds for others and using thier manners. A little Please and Thank you for a child, give me hope that there is something better to come of this world. Seeing a child hold open a door for the elderly give me that same hope of love and peace to come. The world has gone so far astray that it is sad. To see these little children doing such simple things really means alot and I have a much greater respect for those children.

How do you recharge and get energized when you’re feeling drained?

I suppose take a nap wouldn’t be a good answer, hey!!! When I am feeling drained and down, I like to curl up on the couch with either a good book or my knitting and just have a mindless moment!!

And what is your favorite summer adventure, whether it’s a memory or an item on your agenda for this year or both?

I have a couple of favorite summer adventures on has to be when I was home just out of college and I went fishing with my dad, a fish about jumped into the back of the boat and I yelled “what the f**k was that?” My dad looked at me and said “What did you say?” He heard me loud and clear but……I gues at nearly 21 I still wasn’t allowed to say those words. An item on my agenda is Competition Outdoor Archery….its like golf for archers, walk through the woods to 28 station and shooting arrows any distance from 11 to 80 yards both up and down hill. Great Fun!!!

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