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I hope everyone had a great Christmas and will have a wonderful New Years.

Brian and I took the in-laws to lower Michigan to their sons house for Christmas, It was a nice little get away but it is nice to be back home in our own little nest.

I did get quite a bit of knitting done and Brian finished his dishcloth (yes, he is learning to knit!!!). I finished the sleeves for his sweater, so now I am ready to attach them to the sweater as I knit from the arm pits up!! So I can happily say it is about 3/4 of the way done. Brian says he has a new appreciation for the sweater after knitting that dishrag (LOL)!! I still have one dishcloth to knit for the Mother-in-Law, I will get that done in the next couple of days. (we have not had our Christmas yet). There are afew things I have on my list to knit next but just need to decide what one to pick up. I want to knit some fingerless gloves with some lucious baby alpaca I purchased, and I would like to knit the sock blocker keychain, and I would like to work on the toe up socks I started almost a year ago. Will see what floats my boat when thime comes.

Have a wonderful New Year everyone!!


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this just might do it….I joined the Hotcocoa swap!! I am excited about participating in the swap….I think it (like others) will be alot of fun!! One of the requirements for the swap it to post to you blog once a week and we all know I have NOT been doing that so maybe this will help!!!

Swing on over to the swap and get registered!!!

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was another day of putting up firewood. Had a friend come out with his splitter so we didnt have to rent one!! Thanks Steve!!! So we are set again or a couple of months and then we will be at it again….why oh why can’t we get this done earlier. I hate procrastinating but why do today what you can do tomorrow!!!

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Catching up…..

Why does life have to be so hectic all the time? Running here, running there, doing this, doing that…all I would really like to be doing is MORE knitting!

I did get to meet the little group (3 people) that I met on Ravelry, at our local library for an hour and a half of knitting last Wednesday and am looking forward to the same this week! It is nice to have a few people to visit with and knit, too.

I do go to a friends house most Tuesdays (weather and schedules permitting) to knit and I get a lot done, can’t say the same about her tho. I do try diligently to keep her on track, but its not easy!!

I have three dishcloths to knit for the mother-in-law for Christmas. I thought I had a sleeve done for the hubby’s sweater but when I had him try it on it was to short so more knitting to do on that, and I started the othe sleeve. I will say lots of love has gone into this sweater! 🙂

I have filled in as hostess of the Winter Stitch Marker Swap, and hopefully that goes well. It is my first time hosting a swap like that. I have all the partners assigned and hopefully no one was assigned themselves. If this one goes well, I might just take up hosting one of my own. Its alot of work, but it is also a lot of fun.

The kids put up the Christmas tree on Friday. I will have to take photos and post later. I just looked at the count down to Christmas Ticker in my sidebar and I did a WTF!!! Where does time go?

I am still considering my move to wordpress and I think I make that plunge after the holidays.

Happy knitting…..

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