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Checking in….

I am alive and well, just ooober busy.  Its that time of year, when yard clean up begins.  YUCK!!  I wish it would warm up so I could put my plants outside, they are taking over the house!!!  Only 5 weeks of school left and my son begins drivers education tomorrow!! 

I really have not been doing much knitting, but that is going to change today.  I have some errands to run, and then it is going to be knitting time.  I started a pair of toe up socks (on two sets of dpn’s), and have the toes done, ready to do the foot.  They are very pretty, but I wish I would have strayed from the directions and made the toes a little wider, they are pointy, but it will be ok.  I won’t make the same mistake on the next pair. 

Now that all the snow has melted, FINALLY!!  We are starting to see some deer in the field!  It is nice to be albe to watch them.

Ok off for now.


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I think it is here….

Spring that is….I think it is here, it has finally made it.  The temps are up and there is rain not snow in the forcast!!  It was in the 50’s yesterday and is suppose to be warmer today, into the 60’s.  I hope so, the driveway is a muddy muddy mess.  The pasture for the animals is wet, so they are only out during the day and in the barn at night.  My plants I started are taking over my house, I have tomatos that need to be transplanted again.  Oh well it is fun!!  I have not been doing much knitting, but am going to try to sneak some knitting time into day!!


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Muddy mess

Well the official measurement was right around 3 feet.  It fell between midnight and 6 in the morning.  We finally got the driveway cleared out at 9 on Tuesday, took two vehicles to do it but considering the cost of the loader we just couldn’t afford one, and had to do it ourselves.  It has been in the high 40’s low 50’s everyday since so its melting fast and we have a muddy mess.  The lakes are back and they are deep!!  All that we go during that storm has melted and we are back to where we started. 

I hope we are done as I want to get outside and do things, like plant the garden!!  I transplanted 50 tomato plants the other day and will work on transplanting the rest today and starting some more.  They are taking over my house!! 

As for knitting content:  Lets see….I started a pair of socks on two sets of dpn’s cause I just don’t have the patience for 2-at-a-time on one circular!! They are toe up and I used the cast on from Crazy Toes and Heels, Aloha cast-on.  This is the easiest cast on I have ever done and will definately like making toe ups much better now.  The other project I am working on is the Central Park Hoodie .  I am going to use my handspun for it. It will be very nice.  I am going to knit it in one piece with a differnet cable pattern so I will have to basically re-write the entire pattern.  So, needless to say that is going to take some time.  However, I don’t get much time to knit these days as I am to busy doing other things, when school is out it will be better as I won’t be doing so much running.  I do try to take one day a week for me, but I usually end up cleaning, or doing laundry and not knititng!! 

Happy knitting, have a great day!

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and that isn’t an April Fools either!!  We cannot plow our drive way to get out, we are literally snowed in. Called for a loader to come out but they won’t be available until tomorrow. So good thing we don’t have to go anywhere…….here are some photos.

This is what I saw when I opened my door this morning!                     Yes, it really is that deep!

This is what I found when I opened my front door!        

Trying to plow take one…………………………….                                                                    Take two…………….

 and we give up!!!

This is the worst snowstorm we have had in years!

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I know its is April Fools Day, but this is no joke!!

You’ve heard the saying “March comes in like a lamb, goes out like a Lion” and it did just that.  When March arrived, the weather was great, warm and sunny.  Yesterday was its last chance to go out like a lion and that it did! 

Imagine my surprise when I open the door to go check the fire and a shit load bunch of snow falls in the house.  My first step was a crotch deep drift, and every step was over my boots!!! We got a good 24 inches or more of snow, mixed with rain.  It was thunder and lightening at 11 last night, so not only is it deep it is heavy!  Good day to tie up a few loose ends on some things in the house, and spend the rest of the day knitting, maybe I can start my Central Park Hoodie, or maybe it will be a pair of socks.

 Funny thing is it is suppose to be in the high 30’s this afternoon, which means it will all melt fast and more than likely cause problems.  I will post photos when it breaks day light!

 Hope every one else across the nation that was hit by bad weather is safe.

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