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Well mama cow is improving.  I have not checked on her in a couple of hours but she was up and eating, drinking, and milked almost a 5 gallon bucket full this morning (I would guess she gave 3 gallons of milk)!  She has been up and down all day and has eaten all of her grain.  Yesterday was a long day and was touch and go, thought we were going to lose her.  It is not easy to watch a $2000 animal struggle and think that you might lose it!  Calfs are doing well! 

I have been dying sock blanks for swaps (and for me) on Ravelry and it has been fun.  This rounds theme was “Where your from” I don’t want to post photos of the blank I dyed until my partner receives it in the mail.  Don’t want to spoil the suprise.  I participated in a halloween one and ended up dying two blanks.  I did not like the first blank at all and was ashamed to send it.  I knit it into socks today on the CSM and I have to say that butt ugly blank made some pretty socks.  I have to kitchner the toes closed and then I will post photos of them.  I didn’t get a chance to play with the ribber today but maybe tomorrow……….

Off to the barn……


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He came back….

the repairman that is. He finally got my heat pump (furnace) back up and running, I signed the work order and he left.  Oh heat feels so good, the house is warming up nicely and then oh no what is that noise…quick turn off the furnace and call the repairman.  It is now after business hours but the business answering service gets a hold of him and he calls and comes back out.  The mount on the new motor broke, because they had to drill out and shim the blower in the one they put in earlier and it vibrated so much it broke!!  He had parts in his truck and another motor housing and he made a motor that worked.  He was here for about 3 hours but I have heat (knock on wood) and it is still working this morning.  Anyone want my bill?  I will gladly take donations, I have a paypal account!!

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One More…

Woke up this morning to a healthy heifer calf.  This means one more cow to milk to add to those precious pounds in the bulk tank.  It will not add to this tank as we have to have to wait a few milkings for nice clean clear milk, the calf gets mama’s milk for 3 or 4 days then on to milk replacer!!! 

Three more to have calfs in the near future.

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If its not one thing….

its another!  Pumped milk into the bulk tank last night and the drain hose popped off and I lost half of it on the floor.  GRRRR!!!  So I put a bucket under the drain hose and caught the other half and used it to feed the calfs…..thinking there is always tomorrow!!!

Well this morning went much better!  All milk went into the tank!!! 

And I am about sick of snow (yes, already)!  We got another 6 inches or so last night, its windy and drifty so school was cancelled for today.  We are predicted to get another 10 + over night……more tomorrow.

Oh and by the way, I didn’t pick up my knitting needles yesterday but I did look at a knitting book, does that count for at least something?

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Its a girl!!

Doing the morning chores is alway enjoyable when you find a new calf in the hay pile.  It is especially enjoyable when they are heifers!  Yes, another calf and its a girl…so cute.  I will take some photos when it gets a little lighter out.  The refrigeration dude is suppose to show up either Thursday or Friday to hook up our bulk tank.  I will be milking in cans however until that is set up and and ready to use.  Things need to happen pretty quickly around here as winter is coming AND there are another 38 heifers due starting next week!!

In my spare time, what and when ever thay maybe, I keep plugging away at the slippers I am knitting.  This knitting time is usually between 11 and 1 in the morning before bed.  Imagine my dismay last night when I had one almost completed and I was way off on the pattern, I was not ending at the heel, I was ending mid foot opposite the heel…must be a pattern error, it could not possibly be my error.  Oh but wait, knittng while tired, not good idea for me….it was my error and to try to find the error after removing all stitch markers…oh not cool.  After a good nights sleep, yes 5 hours I was back up at 6), and a hot cup of coffee, I found my error, and am back to knitting.  I am determined to get this slipper back to at least the almost finished point I was as last night, if not finished today so I can start the other.  Then we will see how the felting and end results turn out.

My kids think I am knitting slippers for big foot!!!!

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It seems that lately my life has been filled with more what knots than knits and I am failing at my blog!!! 

Lets see where do I start, it has been a month since I have been here but it sure does not seem like it.

Garden has kicked my butt this year, its amazing what good ground and a little “poop soup” will do for a garden!  I have canned 72 quarts of beans, we have eaten beans, given away beans and they need to be picked again.  Zuchinni, both green and yellow coming out of places squash don’t belong and I have more spaghetti squash the the produce dealer.  Pumpkins are getting big and are orange. Oh and the tomato plants need to have stakes for the stakes, they are falling over.  I never thought I would have got such a great harvest when I planted it on June 19th.  I figured if I got one picking of beans I would be doing good.


School started on the second and the kids are doing well with their new school.  Josh is playing football again and Jessica is on the Cross Country team.  They both have made many new friends and all is well.  Jessica is signed up for Girl Scouts and she is going to give 4-H a try. 

We have had a new baby llama since I was here last.  Finally it was a girl, Jessica named it Fawn, because that is what it looked like.

And that brings me to the cows.  Getting the milking system is slow going, but the  push is on as we have calfs dropping.  We have one heifer calf named Norma (its a City Slickers, thing), and one named “Beef” (its a bull and will go off to market eventually). Norma is a stylish little thing as you can see in the photo!


So that about sums up the “what knots” now for the knits….

I have been working on a pair of socks off and on in what little spare time I have.  Last night I started a pair of slippers that I hope to have finished for Brian for Christmas.  They will be felted and I am sure he will enjoy them.  He is a wonderul husband, and is very supportive and appreciative of all I do.  I could not ask for more!

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Bath time?

I was filling the animal water tub today with some nice fresh clean cool water and apparently the two alpacas decided it was bath time.  So much for clean and fresh, except for maybe the Alpacas!! For some reason they move quickly when they spot me and the camera!!!



Wasn’t me that made that mess in the water trough.

And then there is the goat that is curious about the camera and says “You can’t hide from me!”

MMMMM can I just taste it?

Animals are so much fun!!!



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