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I know its is April Fools Day, but this is no joke!!

You’ve heard the saying “March comes in like a lamb, goes out like a Lion” and it did just that.  When March arrived, the weather was great, warm and sunny.  Yesterday was its last chance to go out like a lion and that it did! 

Imagine my surprise when I open the door to go check the fire and a shit load bunch of snow falls in the house.  My first step was a crotch deep drift, and every step was over my boots!!! We got a good 24 inches or more of snow, mixed with rain.  It was thunder and lightening at 11 last night, so not only is it deep it is heavy!  Good day to tie up a few loose ends on some things in the house, and spend the rest of the day knitting, maybe I can start my Central Park Hoodie, or maybe it will be a pair of socks.

 Funny thing is it is suppose to be in the high 30’s this afternoon, which means it will all melt fast and more than likely cause problems.  I will post photos when it breaks day light!

 Hope every one else across the nation that was hit by bad weather is safe.


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F if for Sweater?

Yes, because it is FINISHED FINALLY!!! (well I have to kitchner the arm pits, but need guidance!) And then blocking, but I am Finished knitting it and it Fits!!!  I had Brian try it on last night and I put it back on the needles and just finished the sewn cast off on the collar.  I had never done that cast off before but it was fun, easy and looks great!!!  I told him I need to sew in a “Made with love by” label in it now.  I wish I knew how many actuall spinning and then knitting hours I have into it but I didn’t keep a record.  I started spinning the 50/50 llama/wool yarn in 2005, I began the knitting in November of 2006 and just finished it today.  The fibers are off of my animals, so this is me all me!! I am not sure I like the white arm band, but that is how the fibers came out and so it remains!

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E is for……

Elliptical Machine!  We purchased an elliptical machine with hopes that it would take away a  few pound from my fat butt.  It seems to be working, but trust me you don’t want to see my fat sweaty but on it……so no photo.  (it really is in the best interest of my viewers (and camera) that I don’t post a photo)

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D is for ……

Dang….is it cold.  Sorry folks no photo for this one.  It was -27 F this morning when I took the kids to the bus stop!!!!  Needless to say,  I am staying in as much as I possible can today.  BRRR!!

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C is for ……

Computer!!!  That is what I spent the one  tax refund on.  Say hello to my new laptop and good bye to the old desk top PC the size of a t-rex!!


Now if I can get the bugs out of Vista,  all will be swell.

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B is for …….

BABY Llama of course….would you expect less from a proud Llama-mama?

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A is for Alpaca…..

I’ve joind the A-B-C along 2008, being hosted by knitorious

Here is how it works:

“Members in this year-long group — knitters, spinners, fiberists (yeah, I like that!) — post a photo to their blog and/or the Flickr group every two weeks to correspond with a letter of the alphabet. Photos can be related to fiber, but do not have to be; they should reflect the personality of the photographer, and something of importance or meaning to them.

Post at least one photo in each 2-week period to match the corresponding letter of the alphabet. There are 52 weeks in a year and 26 letters of the alphabet, allowing two weeks per letter (Weeks 1&2=A, Weeks 2&3=B). Example: – “A” is for… Alaska, asparagus, alpaca, astronomy… Whatever you choose, it should have some meaning for you.”

Here is my “A” photo!!

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