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He came back….

the repairman that is. He finally got my heat pump (furnace) back up and running, I signed the work order and he left.  Oh heat feels so good, the house is warming up nicely and then oh no what is that noise…quick turn off the furnace and call the repairman.  It is now after business hours but the business answering service gets a hold of him and he calls and comes back out.  The mount on the new motor broke, because they had to drill out and shim the blower in the one they put in earlier and it vibrated so much it broke!!  He had parts in his truck and another motor housing and he made a motor that worked.  He was here for about 3 hours but I have heat (knock on wood) and it is still working this morning.  Anyone want my bill?  I will gladly take donations, I have a paypal account!!


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Or you could be me and have it -12F and have your furnace go out. We have a heat pump, geo-thermal! Had repair man out yesterday and he took the motor off took it to the shop and ordered one. It came in at noon today he came out and installed it, had me turn it on. It made a strange noise and my house started to fill up with smoke as he is yelling to shut it off. He ordered the wrong motor. He ordered a 110 and not a 220!! Umm that makes a difference and how can you order the wrong motor when you have the old one in front of you!! Ugh….so here I sit in (well its a heat wave today) it is 10F with my windows open trying to get the smoke out of my house. Next I will have to turn the electric heater back on so warm it back up to 56 where it was before the repair man showed up this morning!!! He said “I looked in the box for the breaker but couldn’t find it, its not marked.” I quickly replied “um, yes it is, it says HEAT PUMP!! Bottom one on the left, # 13 AND 15! You are going to have me heat today correct, especially now that I have to open my windows to get the smoke out, and it was only 56 in here to begin with?” He assured me that they would get me heat today and that I didn’t need to pay for this service call. He said they would get a motor from their neighboring business, which is an electrical place. I wish they would have done that yesterday!

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As I mentioned earlier it is breezing cold outside -12 F this morning and my furnace decided to kick the bucket. Repair man out, parts ordered, electric heaters turned on, bread in the oven, and hopefully a repaired furnace tomorrow. Naturally it couldn’t have taken a shit a couple of weeks ago when it was decent out!!

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I am going to try harder to post regularly and keep you updated on life on the farm.  I make no promises.  I really want to find more time for knitting, too.  It is 12 below here AGAIN this morning and when there are calf’s due anytime it makes me a little nervous.  I have to keep checking on the cows, the calf’s that are already born and the other animals.  This cold is getting sickening!!  We have about 3 feet or more of snow on the ground we are 50 + inches above normal for total snowfall, its has been below zero with 20 30 below windchills for a week now, and we have not reached our heavy snowfall month, February (thankfully it only has 28 days!). 

I have not been doing much knitting still working on my toe up socks on my dpn’s.  I trades some goodies that I had around for a Circular Sock Machine (CSM) so I have been playing with that.  I was having some troubles so the lady sent me a second one she had, as she wanted me to be happy.  I have not had a chance to play with that one yet.  I have made a couple of pairs of socks and then have fallen into knitting baby hats to donate to the hospital.  Its a great way to use up some of that acrylic yarn I have (its not much but it is some) so I have made 4 hats now and going to continue.  I have had  CSM’s in the past and have made several pairs of socks but I have forgot so much.  Using the machine is much like riding a bike, you don’t forget how, but the yarns, tensions etc well….its a learning experience all over again.  The second sock, as you will notice in the photo is slightly larger due to not rewinding the center pull ball I was using.  Oh well, it still fits!

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