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Fibery Weekend Ahead

The weather has been terrible here all day.  Rainy, windy and Rainy!!  LOL  The road in to our house is a river!  The bloodhound that is deathly afraid of thunder and lightening is handling it all pretty well, by snoring on the couch!  Its a rough life, LOL!!  Looks like it is going to be a cold and wet weekend, so I have planned to spend it in my studio fondling fiber, whether it be weaving, sewing, embroider machine, sock machine, or knitting I am looking forward to it.


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WOW, I have not been here since March!! Lots of catching up to do…. well not really but here goes……
Sold a piece of property in April, used the proceeds to pay off some bills, buy a Harley Davidson Motorcycle, an Erl Gearhart Circular Sock Knitting Machine and managed to save a couple of bucks. Put on over 8000 miles on the Harley, lots of fun trips!! Made a couple pairs of socks. Brian bought me an early Christmas present a used Husqvarna Viking Designer SE. This is an embroidery machine…..I simply love it and am looking for projects to make. So far I have made Brian some Shrine and Mason shirts and a couple of little trinket bags. I am hoping to make a couple of bucks with the machine to pay for the machine! I have done very little knitting but the little knitting I have done was to finally finish the ear flap hat I started for my dad.

As for the farm, we managed to sell all the goats and now I have a handful of chickens and a couple of turkeys.

Off to be productive……

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