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Today is the last day of school for the kids, where did the time go?  I can’t believe they are out already, seems like just yesterday they started back.  And what kind of a high school give the kids this years year book, next year when school starts?  THAT is the STUPIDEST thing I have hear of….how do you get signatures?  Oh well, they won’t be in this school system next year anyway as we are moving.  I am going to be managing a dairy farm.  I can’t wait…(not looking forward to packing and moving everything tho) but the new house and income will be nice.  There is a quaint little farm house, and big barns, a garage, sauna etc….apple orchard, garden, etc.  I will have a summer kitchen so I can do all my canning in there and baking in there in the summer so I don’t have to heat up the house.  I will be putting in a cheese house and making cheese in the future as well as butter and pasturizing milk for sale straight from the farm.  I hope to do some internet marketing of those products also, but this is all down the road a bit.  Right now, I have to concentrate and milking the cows and collecting my pay check!!  There is geo-thermal heat system already installed that I am looking forward to trying out!! 


On a knitting note:   We have a friend who just had a baby girl on the 28th, Marissa Anne.  So now I want to find some time to knit a baby sweater. (its much smaller than the one I knit for Brian, so it shouldn’t take me to long, right?  RIGHT? )



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For the Birds

My mother-in-law bought us a new grill for Christmas, and its a good thing she did or I wouldn’t be doing any grilling for a long while.  Here is what my old grill is being used for……..



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Now that that is over (Please do not ask) ……….. a refreshing photo…… I don’t have him yet but here is a head shot of Coleman!!  He is an intact breeding male…now I have to wait until my llama’s deliver in August so I can breed him!!


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I can’t post photos yet, but I will tell ya what it is, I won’t make you wait again.

 I am getting a Suri Alpaca, it should arrive this week.  I am so excited!!  He is two and he is white, his name is Coleman!!  He will be a great addition to my current herd of llama’s and alpacas!!  Stay tuned for photos of this beautiful boy……….

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