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Thought I would share with everyone the most recent socks I knit on the CSM, they are the results of the sock blanks I received in the swaps on Ravelry.






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Found it!!

With the help of this:

I found this! :

We received 68 inches (yes that is 4 inches shy of 6 feet) of snow between last Thursday and Monday afternoon. Snow fell at the rate of 5 inches and hour for a few hours!! We got 6 inches of heavy wet snow yesterday and they are calling for another foot of it today/tomorrow. Unfortunately I am in what they are referring to the “hot spot” for the storm!!

Wish me luck!!!

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it is snowing AGAIN!!! UGH!! I am not done shoveling from the weekend.

I did spend yesterday (my birthday) in the house playing with my circular sock knitting machine, so I should probably stop complaining, but……………I am sick, sick, sick of snow!!!

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Lovely weather

It has been a long time since I have seen snow like we have had this year. I watch the news for Easterly states such as New York and Maine and they shut EVERYTHING down for an inch or two of snow. Vegas had received some measly 6 inches earlier in the year and the entire city was closed. What would those people do with storms like we experienced this past weekend? They would declare a state of emergency and get help for clean-up efforts.

Anyone want to help find my sidewalk:

or help get my truck un-stuck:

To do so you have to drive down this road:

My kids couldn’t get home from their dads last night as they couldn’t drive down the road in their 4-wheel drive truck, there was to much snow. Needless to say school was cancelled today and they did not plow that road until 2 this afternoon.

Anyone game?

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Doing Well

All of the animals are doing welll. Mommy Cow (aka Panda Bear) has pulled through her milk fever and is doing well!!

I have been playing with the ribber on the CSM and had discovered it needs to be timed and so that is the next mission. Hopefully I will be able to work on that sometime today.

I have participated in the Sock Blank Swap on Ravley and I received an nice package from my partner who lives in MA. The theme for the swap was “where I am from”.
She named the colorway: Plymouth Rock at Sunset. I will post photos of the completed socks when I get them completed.

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Well mama cow is improving.  I have not checked on her in a couple of hours but she was up and eating, drinking, and milked almost a 5 gallon bucket full this morning (I would guess she gave 3 gallons of milk)!  She has been up and down all day and has eaten all of her grain.  Yesterday was a long day and was touch and go, thought we were going to lose her.  It is not easy to watch a $2000 animal struggle and think that you might lose it!  Calfs are doing well! 

I have been dying sock blanks for swaps (and for me) on Ravelry and it has been fun.  This rounds theme was “Where your from” I don’t want to post photos of the blank I dyed until my partner receives it in the mail.  Don’t want to spoil the suprise.  I participated in a halloween one and ended up dying two blanks.  I did not like the first blank at all and was ashamed to send it.  I knit it into socks today on the CSM and I have to say that butt ugly blank made some pretty socks.  I have to kitchner the toes closed and then I will post photos of them.  I didn’t get a chance to play with the ribber today but maybe tomorrow……….

Off to the barn……

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Two in one day…..

After a week and a half of every two hours checks 24/7 we finally had two calf born yesterday just within hours of each other. Both are bulls and both are doing well. Mom of one however is down with milk fever and hopefully she recovers nicely after being injected with calcium. One calf had a very bright pink nose so he is being called “Rudy” short for Rudolf!!!

Finally a break in the cold nasty weather and it is in the 30’s, now all the manure in the barn is thawing and Brian and I have been shoveling! Not fun and that skid-steer will be much appreciated come summer, when we get it!

As for knitting…..well I have not been doing much. I did get a Circular Sock Knitting machine and I have been playing with that. I have made a couple pairs of socks, and the USPS website tells me that my new needles, both cylinder and ribber at waiting for me at the post office. I will pick them up tomorrow and now that I don’t have to do cow/calf checks I can play with the ribber and see what kind of a mess I can make!!! Wish me luck.

Until then………………

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