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Mile stones met!!!

Lets see where did I leave off…..

Oh yes, I remember now, we were milking three cows, feeding three calf’s and celebrating our first milk pick up.  Well today we are milking 5 cows, feeding 5 calf’s and celebrating having sold over 1000 pounds of milk and reaching the 300 pound mark in our tank!! 

Do you ever wonder how such small things can mean so much?


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One More…

Woke up this morning to a healthy heifer calf.  This means one more cow to milk to add to those precious pounds in the bulk tank.  It will not add to this tank as we have to have to wait a few milkings for nice clean clear milk, the calf gets mama’s milk for 3 or 4 days then on to milk replacer!!! 

Three more to have calfs in the near future.

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Time for a Toast…….

to the first 227 pounds of milk we sent with the milk truck to the local dairy today!!! 

As many of you know this has been a long haul, a long and hard summer and now we are starting with a hard winter.  Seeing the truck pull into the yard today was a picture perfect moment but the camera batteries are did done dead!!!  But the first milk receipt dated with todays date, and the time of 1:30 pm measuring 227 pounds of milk, will be framed!!! 

We have three cows that are due any day and after their first four milkings, they will add to those precious pounds.  Who ever thought milk could be so exciting!!!

Stay tuned for moooo-re updates!!!! ( oh I am tired, does it show?)

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If its not one thing….

its another!  Pumped milk into the bulk tank last night and the drain hose popped off and I lost half of it on the floor.  GRRRR!!!  So I put a bucket under the drain hose and caught the other half and used it to feed the calfs…..thinking there is always tomorrow!!!

Well this morning went much better!  All milk went into the tank!!! 

And I am about sick of snow (yes, already)!  We got another 6 inches or so last night, its windy and drifty so school was cancelled for today.  We are predicted to get another 10 + over night……more tomorrow.

Oh and by the way, I didn’t pick up my knitting needles yesterday but I did look at a knitting book, does that count for at least something?

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More what knots………

Well milk will go in our tank for the first time tonight!!  It has definately been a long haul and I am ready.  It will be a month before we are able to collect our first check, because they hold 15 days and we are in the middle of their cycle.  Oh well, when it comes it comes!! 

We are still waiting on calfs to be born, have two do any day. Unfortunately we lost one yesterday to a  first time mom who was not able to push the baby out.  We are hoping mom survives.  It was sad, but that is part of farming and life. 

A bull was delivered today to reside with our heifers (virgin cows) for a while and the girls seemed to welcome him with open arms. They were all moo-ing and checking him out as they welcomed him at the gate. 

As for the weather…………..well it sucks!!  We have about 18 inches of snow and it is snowing now.  It has been a long time since we had snow this early that stayed.  I am afraid I am going to be sick of winter before winter gets here!!!

Things are slowing down now a bit, but I am still going to our partner farm every morning and helping out that is after my milking and chores are done here!  No knitting, lately but I am thinking I might pick up the needles tonight…….notice I said pick them up, I didn’t mention anything about knitting!! LOL

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Well hopefully the final inspection is indeed tomorrow, hopefully we finish the clean-up tonight (ya, I should be in the barn, but…..) and hopefully we pass the inspection!  We are currently milking three cows, and careing for three calfs, with about 5 more pregnant and due at various times.  I believe when we are ready we will be milking 20 or 30, and will grow in the summer. 

We were hand milking ONE cow and I have more milk in my fridge than I know what to do with.  I am going to make some butter and some spreadable cheese.  I need to buy a cheese press and some cultures to make other soft and hard cheeses.  For now I am dumping milk down the drain :-O !!  Hopefully I will be able to put tomorrows milk in the fridge to save the cream.  I am going to freeze it, my mom wants some to make butter with!

It is all a lot of work, but it is exciting and I am enjoying it, each day is easier and will continue to get easier!  The more doors, gates and fences we can make the easier it is. 

Not much knitting going on right now but I ahve a feeling that will change in the near future.  By the time I come in at night I just want to go to sleep!!! My hands are so dry and cracked that I think my yarn would be shreds before it was even knit!  I did join a sock blank swap……….we ordered sock blanks from Knit Picks and dyed them….here is the one I received…the dyer hysterically named the colorway as “Boo Barf” or “Halloween Roadkill”  I love it!

The photos do not do the colors justice, I love them and can’t wait to find the time  to knit!!

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