No I am not quilting! Like I have time for that but………the geese are flying NORTH. Welcome back!!! I am certain that it is a good sign that Spring is sure to come!!! Off to get grain ………..


Yes it is true….I have become a cattle wrangler!!!  Like I needed one more thing to do, but it is sort of part of the job.  That is what you do when there is so much snow and the cows can WALK over the fencing.  Oh it would probably help a little if there was electricity going through the fence like it is suppose to be and not intermittently.  (shocking, hey) Ok  I know that was bad, but the pun was intended!!!  They were out yesterday afternoon, evening, last night and now again this morning.  I think they waited this morning until Brian went to work because he was not out the driveway more than 10 minutes and I was chasing cows.  Hopefully the guy from the partner farm shows up soon with some high tencel fence wire so we can run a new fence (make a smaller area) for them that isn’t covered with snow and hopefully it will keep them in!!  Me and 30 cows that are very happy to run, jump and litterally kick up their heels is not a pretty combination!!!

Off to check the critters now and hopefully there are no more running free!!!!!

What is it?

What is the big bright orb I see in the sky? Oh it is just the sun!!! I forgot what it looked like!!

Bright and sunny here for a change, with temps that are suppose to climb into the 30’s. And what am I doing……playing on ravelry, baking bread, contemplating what to make for dinner, working on the CSM (making socks for the daughter), and watching the blue jays and squirrel compete for the seeds in the bird feeder. Oh what joy!! Unlike the dog who is laying beside me snoring…….what a rough life she has!!!!


Thought I would share with everyone the most recent socks I knit on the CSM, they are the results of the sock blanks I received in the swaps on Ravelry.





Found it!!

With the help of this:

I found this! :

We received 68 inches (yes that is 4 inches shy of 6 feet) of snow between last Thursday and Monday afternoon. Snow fell at the rate of 5 inches and hour for a few hours!! We got 6 inches of heavy wet snow yesterday and they are calling for another foot of it today/tomorrow. Unfortunately I am in what they are referring to the “hot spot” for the storm!!

Wish me luck!!!


it is snowing AGAIN!!! UGH!! I am not done shoveling from the weekend.

I did spend yesterday (my birthday) in the house playing with my circular sock knitting machine, so I should probably stop complaining, but……………I am sick, sick, sick of snow!!!

Lovely weather

It has been a long time since I have seen snow like we have had this year. I watch the news for Easterly states such as New York and Maine and they shut EVERYTHING down for an inch or two of snow. Vegas had received some measly 6 inches earlier in the year and the entire city was closed. What would those people do with storms like we experienced this past weekend? They would declare a state of emergency and get help for clean-up efforts.

Anyone want to help find my sidewalk:

or help get my truck un-stuck:

To do so you have to drive down this road:

My kids couldn’t get home from their dads last night as they couldn’t drive down the road in their 4-wheel drive truck, there was to much snow. Needless to say school was cancelled today and they did not plow that road until 2 this afternoon.

Anyone game?